The “perfect” letting agent costing you hundreds

Investigating this letting agent website for The Mirror after a tip off (10 November 2015), I discovered layers and layers of deception. Not only was the website displaying photos that could be traced back to genuine property ads on other websites, but it displayed a real company registration number (unbeknownst to the owner) and used a real address. I spoke to a receptionist at these offices who told me they had received many distressed phone calls from people who had been tricked into handing over money.

It’s hard enough to find a decently priced flat to rent these days. So imagine how excited Nicole Welsh and her boyfriend Nathanael Teles were to discover a letting agent website, London Home Let, showing flats in Mayfair for just over £1,000 a month.

The website had lots of different listings and appeared to be a registered company with offices in a posh London neighbourhood.

Nicole told us: “It had all the legal details, it had all the right specifications of all the flats, it had a lot of information and it was a nice clean website with a company registration at the bottom.”

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