Interview with Sheffield’s controversial Lord Mayor Magid Magid

I interviewed Sheffield’s outspoken Lord Mayor Magid Magid for The Overtake (1 August 2018) , shortly after his proclamation that Donald Trump was banned from the city.

Magid came to Sheffield as a Somalian refugee, and combines pride in his family heritage and Islamic faith with Sheff slang, an irrepressible sense of humour and a penchant for hats.

By this time, Magid is embroiled in another controversy, this time relating to a poster in his name at the Tramlines festival which announced his “Ten Commandments”, including “Don’t kiss a Tory”.

“It’s a joke,” he groans. “I’ve kissed Tories myself.” He says after missing the deadline, he came up with the idea on the spot. “Jesus Christ, it’s not that deep. Just lighten up a bit.”

His critics say he shouldn’t be so political. “What do you mean about being non-political? It doesn’t exist,” he says. He is particularly bemused by those who say he doesn’t represent them. “Had I said, ‘Do you know what, Hobnobs are the shittest biscuit,’ nobody would have said, ‘Oh, you don’t speak for me. How dare you say that?’ They are very selective.” Are Hobnobs the shittest biscuit? “No! They’re my favourite biscuit — they’re the best biscuits.”

You can read the full interview here.

Interview with Magid Magid (pdf)