The woman who hacked Tinder

I interviewed Elva Carri, a woman who just wanted friends to go dancing with on a Friday night, and took the bold step of asking other women on Tinder (Refinery29, 13 March 2018).

Carri explained to the women that she just wanted to go out dancing. “I thought: If I match with three people, we’ll have a good time,” she jokes. “I’m crazy for doing it, and they’re crazy to reply.” To her surprise, around 100 women replied.

This impulsive Tinder hack turned into something much bigger. Carri started by creating a group on Facebook for all the women who had responded, then she left her computer for a few hours. “When I came back they had already organised a night out in a cocktail bar,” she says.

I don’t write as much as I’d like about tech and society, but just like political parties, tech platforms have rules and sometimes the most fascinating stories come out of them being subverted.

You can read the full story here.

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