How Brexit is turning Scotland more Canadian

I wrote about the Scottish government’s attempt to create a Canadian-style civic nationalism for the Canadian national newspaper The Globe & Mail (9 March 2018). 

As a Scot who also holds Canadian citizenship, I might be biased, but there are some interesting parallels, not least the Scottish government’s attempt to replace the word “immigrant” with “New Scot”, in the same way Canadians refer to “New Canadians”.

Meanwhile, Scottish liberals of all stripes were interested in another part of the Canadian system — devolved immigration policy. In England, there are 407 people per square kilometre, according to national records. In Scotland, there are just 68. While “immigrant” has become an insult in much of the British press, Scottish newspapers are peppered with stories of much-needed Gaelic teachers from abroad blocked by inflexible Westminster visa rules.

The Scottish government, vehemently opposed to Brexit and frustrated in its dreams of independence, has led the charge. “Canada operates a points-based migration system with a strong regional element to account for the differences in population and economic structure of Canada’s provinces,” a recent Holyrood report noted approvingly.

You can read the full article here.

PDF: How Brexit is turning Scotland more Canadian.

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