Letting agents tell disabled couple ‘move out or pay £600 a day’

While at The Mirror, I reported on many cases of injustice in the private rental market, but one of the most scandalous related to a disabled woman and her husband, who was also her full-time carer (3 July 2015).

Because of the woman’s needs and their low income, it took them a long time to find a suitable property. As is common, they paid a steep letting agent fee on signing the contract.

Just four months later, the letting agent contacted them to say they were being evicted, and that they would have to pay £25 for each hour they stayed after the deadline for departure.

Due to the couple’s limited resources, they knew they were effectively homeless. Yet in order to be recognised as such by the council, they were told to stay in the property past their leaving date.

Adrian said: “Our local council will not consider rehousing us until 28 days before our notice ends. They have also stated we must stay past the leave date.

“If we stay past our leave date, we will face a £600 per day charge – £25 per hour.

“This would eat into our deposit, lead to debt and poor credit. All this through no fault of our own.”

You can read the full story here.